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Friday, February 7, 2014

Welcome-----Facebookians! and others who may be checking this out today

deadlines today--and picking up the dogs from the GROOMer!!!! maybe we will be able to see their eyes again!


Gary Locke said...

and if you draw-----draw COWS!!

Bret A. Melvin said...

I do not always draw cows...but when I do...I prefer to draw (insert answer here, Gary)

We need some new cows, man! Been missing seeing your work in the mornings :)

Hope all is well and that you're just enjoying a much needed vacation :)

Gary Locke said...

no vacation----lots of work---some NOT worth showing....and we hosted a family for most of a week as they had a funeral here in Springfield,and they are living in Boston. Just too busy to blog--that's all.---thanx for caring my friend