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Thursday, February 20, 2014

CRANKIN' out the fresh and clean illustration

here are some recent and current  things....painting as FAST as legally possible....all the while hosting the Boston

family Gillming for the funeral here last week


Bret A. Melvin said...

Holy smokes, Gary!
That is the single best Mitch McConnell likeness I've EVER seen. That is SPOT on!!!


The detail on that is absolutely insane.
Great work as always!

Gary Locke said...

oh STOP! you make me blush

Bret A. Melvin said...

Gaaaaahhhhh....Just went back and looked at it again. Man.




Am I crazy or did you seriously up the detail on that last round of illustrations? I mean, they're usually crazy detailed, but wow, man, there is some real magic going on in these.