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Wednesday, February 22, 2017 ! ! ! ! ! ! !

carefully collected from the floor of the

Jacob K. Javits Convention Center

in early morning hours of November 9, 2016....... by a Janitor named Joe, and the security guard named Deplorable Dave with a squeegee blade and a yellow bucket with wheels on the bottom, from the  7th floor  broom closet.




 Janitor Joe and Deplorable Dave collected 3.7 gazillion gallons of these tasty tears and transported them via train to the 10th Floor Palace of Art and Design.

 THEN....... we added a little clay to  the tears, and fashioned us some fine COFFEE MUGS.

 You  can BUY these very mugs, with these special portraits printed RIGHT on them ! ! !----with money!!

Savor the sweetness excreted from the tear glands of genuine limp-wristed twits.

from Hipster Mc DOOOSHBAGH and his Tofu Latte sipping SJW's. 

From Butt-Hurt Millennials.

From unsucessful self-Immolating Rioter dude.

Sorros Slactivist turned Starbucks window smashing sissy-"man"

Don't allow these tears to go to waste! 

(coming soon----REALLY FAKE NEWS reporter guy)

and kitty cat hat wearing fat 'chick'

as generation snowflake melts down..............savor the sweetness.

thank you for your time.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

so--- web site i do work for commissioned me to do this piece for the inevitability

that Hillary would win on nov 8th......i said i would do it---but told him  Trump would win in  a landslide-----he told me them it would be the most expensive art they ever bought  and didn't run the art.

if course---its a mis mash of all sorts of stuff from the actual CUSTER'S LAST STAND and likenesses from all over----it was a huge ask to do the job, is a peek at history.

SO EXCITED THAT TRUMP WON----i forgot to keep up the blogging ! ! !

some new stuff---like the old men arguing...and some older stuff, like elves.