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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I am illustrating at least one right now--- for the author and world traveler Stephen M Ringler.

it involves at least one cow.  in the process of illustrating this thing led to another. . . .  and what do you know.........this happened!

you...yes YOU, yes Y O U can order you up some COW SWAG of today---right NOW!!!! WOOO HOO----or maybe  a good ol' YEEEE HAAAAWL!!!!!!

tuh DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (sometimes spelled ta da!!!) get yours toDAY.

There are over 100 products in the My Cow Store ranging from mens, women's kids and babies casual wear such as Tees, sweats, hoodies, glass ware, note cards, iProduct covers, pillows, aprons, bibs, milk bottles and more. Magnify the cow image to appreciate the quality illustration. Bookmarkthis address now  for future shopping visits during Christmas time

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