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Monday, August 12, 2013



Bret A. Melvin said...

Hey, Gary,

Here's a question based on a few of your posts from the past couple weeks.

How do you deal with rejection / significant revisions? Any advice or does it always sting?

How do you work to walk a client through an idea they're clearly "not getting" particularly when separated either via your rep or when having to work through email? (The most difficult and impersonal means of communication since smoke signals as far as I'm concerned)

Any thoughts are appreciated! Tough week in the trenches here in Florida, so I thought I'd ask around ;)

God bless!

Gary Locke said...

dude------wrong week to ask me that-- i am fraying at the ends and about to lose my mind on a the end---they are the reason this art is ordered, my job is to make them look good......however---the art will make me look bad as long as the internet is out there. so the question is----do i quit after this job---this is a 20 plus year client that is devolving in to some real craziness, or do i keep serving---reputation be darned? guh

Bret A. Melvin said...

Oh gosh, man, so sorry. Didn't intend to poke the bear. A 45 hour illustration I did got rejected this week, and I was just drowning my sorrows in espresso and Youtube wondering where it all went wrong.

I like what you said though that it's your job to make your client look good. That's a good attitude to have. There's a lot of folks I've known that have some measure of contempt for their clients and it ends up coming across in the work somehow.

Keep your head up, man! If it makes you feel any better, it's actually kind of an encouragement that you post about the tough jobs as well as the fun ones. Otherwise we'd all be like, "man, I wish my life was as much fun as Gary Locke's...gettin' to draw cows and donkeys all day".

God bless!

Gary Locke said...

can't WAIT for some donkeys to drawl!!!