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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Peety---pentecostal evangel  --  kids edition time again


Luiz Cabal said...

Hello, I'm from Brazil and looking for illustrations on the internet I found his works!! I liked very much, your drawings are great ... Congratulations for great talent!!

We also saw that a Christian!! this is even cooler!!

God continue to bless you and guiding you along paths of victories!!


Note: I do not know English, I'm using google translator :)

Gary Locke said...

thank you Luiz! God Bless you too!

Bret A. Melvin said...

Hey, Gary,

Do I spy a subtle homage to JC Leyendecker on that carousel horse? Nicely done, sir!!!

-Bret <><

Gary Locke said...

Brett--not in that horse--but i DO derive much inspiration from that dude----i remember whaen i was disappointed in the POST when they used him instead of Norman----then grew to understan how much better he was than Norman----i still love Normen---but holy cow---JC L was king!

Bret A. Melvin said...

Yeah, I just ordered a large print from of JC's painting of Washington kneeling in prayer at Valley Forge. It's hanging PROUDLY in my office as a great reminder how far I have to go artistically and spiritually.

Thanks for writing back, Gary! I know you're a busy guy, so it was great to hear from you!