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Monday, July 16, 2012

i think i get it now

MAN-----after weeks of 102º weather here in the Ozarks----SanDiego  seemed REALLLY cold sometimes---and locals out there were walking around fanning themselves with brochures like the heat was unbearable!    any comicon people out there viewing the blog now  for the first time????

WELCOME!---i better get BACK to work----catching up on lost time last week.


boob said...

ME. I'm viewing the blog for the first time after ComiCon! You ain't kiddin' - it was down right chilly in San Diego compared to the 100+ temps I'm feeling in Chicago right now.

I'm not sure how I got one of your cards (maybe you handed it to my buddy working the table with me?) but yep - I'm checkin' you out. Hehe! Fun stuff ya have up here!

Now stop readin' this and get back to work! ;)


Gary Locke said...

thanx Boob---- just walked over to your site---intense!!! i like it!!