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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

AOL has messed up my password again......and the reset password won't work either....last time this happened i lost jobs over  it..and lost essential purchase orders.     i MUST get this resolved.

Locked myself out of the bathroom last nite---missed interval workout at 5:45---- finally got it opened---went to work--- Coach Lady texted me that i could come to the 7:30 interval werkout----went to that----4x800 @ 3:10 pace with 400 m jog in between.   i got to run with a nice  young man from Republic named Dalton.  nice kid.  fast kid.

get to finish october Averageboy today---sketch  the oct clues  sketches for Peg at Focus on the Family (whose house went up in flames during the  horrible fire  last month )  and get to paint the Wooten illo for her today..... and maybe disc golf this evening.

here are some old illos and sketches from a few years back

God  likes me.


Nathan Fowkes said...

Great work Gary!

Nice to meet you at the con.

Damion009 said...

I can look at your stuff all day... AND HAVE!

Gary Locke said...

THANX Damion and Nathan! my heart warmed 3 degrees today because of your nice wordy words!!