Friday, October 25, 2019

this BLEW my mind today

TRUTH and 

( satan pushes UNbeauty UNtruth Ungoodness ) 
see art 
see the leftist women turning ugly/angry
see the news LIE LIE LIE
see the politics get MEAN AND VISCIOUS--abortion socialism taking from the ones who earn to enslave those who don't earn but waste their time and are in want.

you COULD 
if you want--
skip to the 26:50 mark

Dallas is the wisest teacher i ever heard. 
i have not listened to him in a while---Holy Spirit put him in my youtube feeds this moning-------so i said
 ''ALRIGHTy , i'll bite---what does God need me to hear from the late Dallas Willard today?"




who knew?

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