Thursday, April 30, 2020

FATHERS DAY for the weekly standard

i accidentally deleted the folder with this art in it ON HTE DUE DATE with 3 hours  before it was was a COVER.......had to rebuild it from a PNG and continue the painting---it wasn't as good as the sketch.  sigh.

a few years back--Greece was leaving the EU

the unraveling of the EU article was written for the Weekly Standard..........RONA is unraveling it even  MORE effectively now.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Monday, February 10, 2020

BASEBALL SEASON IS LOOMING ! ! ! ! ! ! ! BLOOMING ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

this was for SI KIDS several years ago. . .

DRAWLING PITCHERS again post massive widow-maker heart attack

yes------the rumors are true---I DIED on the evening of DEC 18,1019---but by the power of GOD ALMIGHTY

thru the hands of 1 my TROPHY WIFE, 2 THE FELLAS FROM ROGERSVILLE FIRE AND RESCUE. . . . and the PRAYERS of THOUSANDS around the world. . . . . . . . .I"M STILL HERE ! ! ! !! doing fine!
 drawling pitchers

no running  or football yet

energy levels about 99%

all systems go----just  waiting to see my cardiologist in a few days  to possible ditch some of these meds i am on now and get to working out again!

Friday, October 25, 2019



this BLEW my mind today

TRUTH and 

( satan pushes UNbeauty UNtruth Ungoodness ) 
see art 
see the leftist women turning ugly/angry
see the news LIE LIE LIE
see the politics get MEAN AND VISCIOUS--abortion socialism taking from the ones who earn to enslave those who don't earn but waste their time and are in want.

you COULD 
if you want--
skip to the 26:50 mark

Dallas is the wisest teacher i ever heard. 
i have not listened to him in a while---Holy Spirit put him in my youtube feeds this moning-------so i said
 ''ALRIGHTy , i'll bite---what does God need me to hear from the late Dallas Willard today?"




who knew?