Thursday, June 12, 2008

KJV vs NIV argument

I don't know where this argument went in this article, probably pro other versions. I read from the NLT and New KJV on line, KJV is whaaat i carry to church. I have had that Bible since 1981, and have taken notes in it ever since. But last night at church, it was really hard to follow in Acts11. Rereading it this morning in the NLT, it is so much easier to understand.
Randy Clute is the A D over at the ENRICHMENT JOURNAL, USED TO BEMY LANDLORD, CARPOOLER FRIEND AND BOSS, NOW JUST MY FRIEND,WHo calls now and then for really cool illustrations.
thanx Randy.


Dennis Jones said...

...have you tried the DJV? ...less words, more pictures!

Anonymous said...

Nice Illustration here Gary. I like the two facing off but I'm a KJV/NKJV man myself.

My wife uses the Amplified version and I really like that one too.

Of course, I strongly feel that if I did not invite the Holy Spirit into my readings it would have all stayed Japanese to me like it was before I gave my life to Christ in '93.

Love Your Work and thanks for blogging it out in the open for all us old wanne-bees to see.

Oh, I've been reading the DJV on and off now for about a year and you just can't beat the pics!