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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

good message from Andy Stanley this week- - - - - - about Religion and Rules

"you are more important to me---than ---my view"

Jesus acted this way always

Jesus didn't die for a set of rules--He died for rule breakers-------

God's view of you---was defined by His Son's view of you from a bloody roman cross

what is most important to God----you....not  rules/religion

( we don't have kids so we will have someone to pick up the toys)

"i am GOD---stop bringing me meaningless  offerings, your incense is detestable to me!!" -- "do you think i am STUPID?"  

'I didn't create you so someone could kill all these animals!"
 -from Isaiah
when in doubt---help a brother out

''Jesus never allowed theology--to get in the way---of---ministry"


gooood stuff

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