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Thursday, January 23, 2014

oh boy


Sassafras said...

Mr. Locke I used to be a clubhouse magazine reader, and have greatly admired your SPECTACULAR work when I first got the magazine.

My question is this, why do you use photoshop? Why not Corel Painter or maybe Sketchbook pro (6)?
Just wondering, I know you're really busy working always on another masterpiece. So I won't take up anymore of your time.

thanks for doing what you do,
from an avid fan.

Gary Locke said...

photoshop is what i had when i began digital work--------it's like being right handed...i can draw in sketchbook pro---but the interface is not the same, and it becomes really slow, and i am not sure i can pull off what i want to-----photoshop, i know what i can do with it...that's all

thanx for the nice words Sassafras