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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

BECAUSE udders are inherently funny

inherently - is a funny werd. and hard to spell.  which isn't funny.

so last nite---we were watching LONESOME DOVE again---our annual thanksgiving tradition---started years ago--1980's ish - at Gramma Locke's house over  the Thanksgiving weekend
...and i decided to look up some of the history that this miniseries tromps thru.... including-----at the end of episode 2, Laura Darlin' is saved by Gus, and they hole up for the nite in ADOBE WALLS, Texas. so i get to reading on my cellular texting device about the 2 famous battles  from that location.  I never knew. It's quite a story.
i just finished this for  Adventures In Odyssey---on to more AIO projects that i am sorely late on.


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