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Friday, November 1, 2013

A Funny Case of Ya'ALL LOOK THE ALiKE TO ME. . . . . . .

monday afternoon--phone rings from 202 area code---"you  know what a Monday call means" says the voice  from the offices of the Weekly Standard. We are doing the  head guy over in China--on a platform, with media types kow-towing to him.'
 i says YEAH, and commence to searching for reference on the google.  Philip sends me a doodle of how he sees the composition, i sketch a cople  go-rounds of a likeness and the poses for the media flunkies, and send em off, with a laugh and a mention that i wasn't sure how to spell premier!

sketch approved

Paint the cover in photoshop CS5, and finished with an hour to spare. send it over the internet to my art director friend about 4:30-----about 5 he calls with a laugh, " seems we may have drawn the wrong guy" he hadn't even seen the final art , he was just checking the sketch. "i don't know how, but this is NOT the president of China."

i said "PRESIDENT?? i googled premier!"

"Oh well" he said , "Maybe it isn't such a big deal, I'll ask around here and see if it's a big deal."

call comes back.......BIG deal

"but maybe, if you look at the president here, just lighten his eyebrows, and ditch the glasses, we'll probably be alright." 

i am googling the president of china and am looking at a dude with giant black haystacks for eyebrows.....what in the world is he looking at!!!???    refined my search and found the guy Philip was looking at, sighed...and commenced to the photoshop

pressed the shortcut hot-key that changes premiers to presidents (in CS5 only, not available elsewhere)  and BAMMO!!!   el Presidente de la China!!!

i LOVE being an illustrator!

thank God in heaven for giving us photoshop.

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