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Monday, November 4, 2013

3 temporary crowns installed this morning

and i can barely chew.

going to soccer game tonight

and i can barely chew

lots of drawing to do this week

and i can barely chew.

i asked Kristy the tooth  assistant chick, " with the crowns off, i can't seem to get my teeth to close together, why is doesn't make sense.?"

she pulled my cheek open, ''bite down so i can see....."

 then she stuck her finger back there, and said bite down now----it was just  your cheek--it's numb , so you can't feel when you bite on it."

and i can barely chew .


1 comment:

Gary Locke said...

crushed one crown 5 hours after installation. swallowed one crown 2 days later...third one still functioning---comes off about every other day. hard to chew when all 3 are gone.