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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

ORPHAN ADOPTION ERic and TRish PORTER---my friends, missionaries kinda to spread the love

those of you who feel the call to help---- here is  your info!!!

great great cause my friends.
this illos was forTIME mag circa 1996


Bret A. Melvin said...

Our church did a big adoption event recently. Really love how the Christian community has been drawing attention to it lately and doing everything they can to facilitate it.

On an artistic note, whenever I see your traditional airbrush work, I'm always curious what techniques and methods carried over when you decided to go digital and which things you had to learn all over again.

I'd imagine the thinking behind using masks is a pretty logical jump, but moving from working transparently to a more "opaque" medium like digital painting would have had to be a challenge at first.


Gary Locke said...

i have always hated cutting masks---as i am pretty impatient for the image to look like i want it to quickly........ so i miss having a hand held masking blotter in my left hand----i have to lasso the things i want to mask off..... how lame is that...the lasso tool is so easy to use. i am just lazy. as far as transparent to opaque---not an issue really as you can paint digitally at whatever opacity you want.

i do find that painting in the multiply mode acts differently on a clear layer than it does on a solid layer. i prefer the way it reacts on a solid layer.---but i have CS5---maybe CS 6 is better---i want CS6 tho because the airbrush tool looks like real airbrush..... that is atractive to me!

Bret A. Melvin said...

Thanks for the response, man. I really love hearing how differently everyone works.

Just gotta throw in the plug again for a Gary Locke Schoolism class!

Dibs on the first spot!

Take care, man, and good luck on the Focus on the Family deadline!

Gary Locke said...

thanx Bret----schoolism huh-----" I am not a smart man, Jenn-AY."