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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I was reading is EZRA today for my Old Testament reading

i am a few days behind--(  - have this as my default home page, and attempt to read thru in a year, i never get thru all of the Bible in a year, but much of it.....i always bog down in the Isaiah/Ezekiel/Jeremiah sections and come up for air in Psalms)  but----EZRA was SHOCKED, stunned, ripping his clothes, pulling hair out of his beard in dismay, to hear the priests had been intermarrying with the locals that God specifically told them NOT to marry.  My mind went back to this illo i did for the Fire Bible for kids back a couple years ago. I am happy with it--for me, it does convey what the text covers at the end of the book of Ezra. (i have the sound track to the movie Defiance playing while i type this--it also adds to the mood of todays reading) to WORK!!!

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