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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

i did this years ago--in water color-----touched it up digitally in photoshop....looks better----fun image i think about pastors - - -  and their (sometimes)ravenous flocks


さつ (Satsu) said...

Hello Gary!
I've been admiring your arts since I found your drawings last year. It was a kind of a surprise to know that you draw with watercolor...
Anyways, thanks for the sharing! Always looking forward to see your amazing artworks from Tokyo. :)


Gary Locke said...

thanx Satsu----- i no longer paint in watercolor----i went digital 3.7 years ago-----i work on a cintiq 21ux monitor....and try to get it to look like my watercolors of days past----but yes--this pastor painting was in watercolor. thanx for visiting my site---