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Monday, March 22, 2010


a GAZILLION push ups this morning followed by COWS!!!!!the sun came out again after a weekend of freezing rain and sleet..... I am beginning the sketch for Hebrews...this Bible is gonna be COOOOOOL!-----oh--oh----i just took a bite of a PRO BAR....i tried their maple pecan friday, and wanted th throw up for an i thought i'd try the apple cinnamon second grade i tried POY when someone from hawaii visited our classroom....that scarred me for life...i can still taste it...bu this PRO BAR is really close........AHHHHHH.....i think i am gonna hurl


ian said...

Love your illustrations! What are the cows for?

Also, can't wait to see the finished Bible. I will buy one (or two).

Gary Locke said...

me too! the b Bible is gonna be COOL---i am currently sketching 2 peter!

Gary Locke said...

oh--the cows were for a casino in oklahoma a year ago. Cash COw

Thomas Fluharty said...

This dude desrves a movie built around him and you be the animator.~T