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Friday, May 29, 2009


AND I AM SO SWAMPED WITH WORK, i can't even go outside!!!! Adam is moving to his new house sunday, Amber is moving home from college saturday.....9 spot illos due monday! Yeah money! 17 days from 70.3 Lawrence!!!!
Church on Sunday morning!!!!!!!
So here is next week's cover for the Standard!! i am gettin better at this digital stuff i think.showing some of the ideas we went thru to get to the final.


Chris Davis said...

Wow...Gary you are getting pretty good at digital pretty fast. It amazes me how your digital work looks so similar to your traditional. Thanks for sharing!

Damion009 said...

DUDE!!! YOU ROCK AND OWN!!!! love the boat!

Gary Locke said...

thanx guys---nice words are nice to hear!!!!

Jonathan Aller said...

Great stuff Gary! I love your work, I agree with Chris your digital work is as strong as your traditional! Great work again!