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Monday, September 29, 2008


   my best friend died yesterday, at 49 years. he was attempting a trick on his wakeboard saturday, down at bull shoals lake. he just couldn't seem to get it down. it was the last weekend of great weather this year. he was with the ones he loved most, his wife and daughters. he took a fall.
      a finer man you will never find. nor finer father, grandfather, son, Christian, or friend.
     solid in every way. spiritually, mentally, physically, financially. SOLID.
      together, he and i, were known as the 10th floor palace of art and design, Key Locke and Hopkins, those bowling iguanas, and 2 crazy guys waterskiing  on tablerock lake in november. ask me about him some day.
   it is my great honor to call him friend. and a great privilege and delight to be known AS his friend.
    dang, matt.       oh, i cry so.          we miss you so.
     THE BEST.
M  A  T  T               K  E  Y


Dave said...

Man, I'm so sorry to hear, Gary. Matt was The Man. -DS

Gary Locke said...

matt was superman

joe from canada said...

sorry to hear about your friend.
he obviously accomplished something very important in his life ..not money.. not fame ..but the most important THE LOVE HE HAS FROM HIS FAMILY ,YOU AND AND ALL HIS FRIENDS

Gary Locke said...

well said joe from canada!