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Tuesday, August 5, 2008


ARTICLE ABOUT THE DC GUN BAN LAW BEING STRUCK DOWN, yet the antigun nuts  are still trying to spin it as a victory for them.


joe dimaria said...

Hi, Mr.Locke
A While back I purchased a book from our store by April Sayre "Ant, Ant, Ant" for my oldest son, he loved it (the wonderful artwork was by Trip Park).
So I decided I would purchase more books by these people (I’m coming to you soon, I promise)....well a book came across my path by Mrs.Sayre recently "Bird, Bird, Bird" so I knew I had to take it to my younger child. But when I read it to my kid (child) I noticed the artist,"illustrator" (I call my self a “Literature Engineer” personally) was someone else (ah! that would be you) and the artwork was fun and incredible, and looked so familiar, so I read the sleeve, ha the man plays football. “…..I love football”
Chapter 2: (do you need to get a coffee before I continue?)
I along with my brother and a copy other gentleman we created and have coached a minor football association for close to 20 years, the kids range from 9 to 19 .
I thought to myself “if this guy who plays football could draw football stuff, he would definitely takeover as my real brother ..great coach, not so good in the art department!..anyway (you are still there right!?)…good.
So I looked up your name on the internet, turns out you’re only a governor or something like that in the US! Darn. I guessed politicians in the US don’t get paid very well that they have to work part time drawing?!
Ok.ok.ok hold on, here come the good part…I’m looking thru one of my oldest son’s Sports illustrated for kids….and there, yes there! I see the marvelous teeth the great artwork of that governor guy who works part time and recognized where I had seen the art before……well back to the internet….and I finally find your website WOW! Hence the name of this message. ….I guess you’re an illustrator who works part time as a governor!!
The Football art that I love and I can see by all of your art and “humour” (not a misspelling that is how we spell it up here) you are a person whom enjoys life Mr. Locke, can I call you Gary …..I would like to ask if it would be ok, if we use some of your football art for our newsletter for the players and parents, and if you have a drawing of a coach and players we could use too, that would be awesome too. We would of course credit you with the artwork, because everyone knows my real brother can’t draw and put your website in the newsletter as well maybe we can send you a top.
If not, thank you, anyway for the great art, WOW……your Canadian Friend Joe

Gary Locke said...

ok---you convinced me---i will be your brother. but only for this lifetime....after that , no promises.