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Monday, June 9, 2008


I do a monthly for Peg over at Clubhouse magazine at FOCUS ON THE FAMILY (the best ministry on the planet)---AVERAGE BOY is the series. This is my favorite on i think.


DanL said...

Gary, I just made a trip to your web site and didn't find a link to your blog on it. Did I miss it? Is this by design?

Again, thanks for sharing fantastic art at such large file sizes! I LOVE IT!


Bernard said...

I once visited your website a year or so ago but lost the bookmark somehow. Will be visiting your blog now as you and Dennis J. are probably my favorite cartoonists.

Does your website have any insight as to how you create/color and finish your art?

I'm trying to fill in the gaps between hand drawn/Paint/Photoshop but just never got the hang of the wacom.

Maybe the Cintiq will do the trick.

Great blog,

Gregor said...

I just gotta say, I love your work! Great illustration! :)

Gary Locke said...

yes- i need to get that on my site-----i plan to do a new site later in the year, the site is pretty old now.