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Thursday, May 15, 2008


BUT MAN WAS IT COLD OUT THERE,,,MY EARS ARE STILL RED. this was for the world series collectible magazine for major league baseball circa 2000.... this minor leaguer dived into the stands for a foul ball, into the lap of a woman who he later married.


Anonymous said...

Your illos are awesome and have inspired me to get back into illustrating, digitally of course. One of my faves is the Janet Reno one. What do you use for reference, or are these illustrations completely from your head? Thanks, and again you do excellent inspiring work!

Gary Locke said...

Cool---some one likes the janet reno piece---i was asked to draw her as frankenstien---with a headline of IT"S ALIVE!!!----the day i finished her, she had a parkinson spell and fell off of a stage she was campaigning for governor. The story ran with the headline SHE"S BAAAACK! i just picked a rectangle shape for her head to match the frankenstien request , and there she was.I watch ren and stimpy if ireally get stuck on an illo for a new shape or composition. And I pray alot.