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Monday, April 21, 2008


WEEKLY STANDARD this week about President Bush, lame duck President that still is flexing his muscle from time to time (see Pope at the White House last week.) surfing chicken for the california state fair a few years back.
Nice to see Aunt Dana and cousin Kell at the Locke Acres this weekend!!!!Grandma Locke came over, and Dad and Mom, and Kathy and Shannon and Casey, And Juan and AMber, and Drago and Kayla and Adam, and Josh and Jeremy, and Matt , and John Locke(with his cool Jayhawk shirt that he got from his Girl friend) and Josh and Jesse williams and Heather and Mark, and i think that is all that came over this weekend.
Wow, that's alot of wonder i didn't get any painting in.
AND--i ran 8 miles , rode 5, and scored 31 points in a football game saturday morning!  man......
 i need a nap.
OOOOOO!!!!!! i get to paint the cows for MOOOOOVERS moving company in kansas city this week! finally!
here, i'lll give you a sneek peek at  one of the designs

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Nate Owens said...


You're absolutely and delightfully kraa-zee!. It must be a blast living in your head.

Saw your work some time back (maybe in some Christian kids books?) just recently found your blog by way of Jason Seiler.

Don't ever change, dude..!!