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Monday, March 31, 2008


OH MAN   THAT WAS CLOSE! When Davidson missed that last shot, I jumped in the air, arms raised and yelled" Yeah!!  where's my shoes???!" and went for a run, before every body came over for the TRUTH PROJECT series disc 3 #2! (which was my favorite one so far. man, if i wasn't a believer before last night, last night would hae done it!  The dna double helix, and the machines inside the cells that make each gene and cell work.......oh my word!. I gotta watch that one again! Darwin was wrong. WAY WRONG!!

This illo was for Buckeye Fudge Ice cream. sometimes i can't believe i get paid to do  this stuff!

gonna rain alot today, hope we don't get a soggy sloggy  basement  again.

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Anonymous said...

Kool, I ate this ice cream and I love seeing that cow and that deer on the ice cream box :D