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Monday, March 24, 2008


THESE ARE SO FUN TO DO FOR THEM...THEY ARE ILLOS FOR THEIR OWN PRIVATE ENERGY DRINKS! A n d... a few of the design process in sketch form.--OH---I REALLY RECOMMMMEND HORTON HEARS A WHO!! BEAUTIFUL WORK--AND A PRO-LIFE MESSAGE IN THERE TOO!  i don't know if they intended that to be such a message, but it IS there....a small slap at homeschoolers was included...but very enjoyable, and the caracters were fun, and had weight, and were rigged so well they had a huge  range of expressions.... carol burnett sounds like she is still in her 30's(at 77 years of age!)...wish they could have had tim conway in there tooo.....oh yeah!!! R O C K   C H A L K!!!!!!ooops--i forgot to rgb  theDR..... the  DR is   not blue!


Thomas Fluharty said...

THEEZE ROCK u should be doin movies~T

Gary Locke said...

i know.